21st century living enslaves us to 40-hour, desk-bound, computer-chained lifestyles.

Besides our social lives and mental state, our postural muscles take the biggest beating.

People constantly talk about bad posture, but what does it actually mean? Can it be corrected? Can exercise assist? The answer is yes to all!

Poor posture affects the optimal functioning of the various joints and surrounding muscles in our bodies. If our posture is incorrect, it displaces both the joint and the muscles surrounding it from it’s proper position; thereby inhibiting the actual action and function of the muscle and joint. This puts it under strain and subjects it to undue stressors that it is not supposed to endure. This happens every minute, of every day, for months and years on end.

This can therefore produce various pains, aches, strains and conditions everywhere in the body (the most common being neck pain and headaches as well as lower back pain).

This cascade can all be relieved by correcting our posture. Poor posture is literally a bad habit that has developed over our entire lifespan and thrives on our lifestyle. It therefore needs to be changed or terminated.

Firstly, we conduct a thorough postural examination, we then educate on correct posture, how to align the body, educate correct muscle activation; thereby creating optimal functioning and correct movement.

We can assist in posture correction, teach effective strategies to implement into the working environment and activate and strengthen as well as stretch and lengthen all the muscles that need it.