Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Centre

The Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC) is one of Cape Town's premier multidisciplinary destinations consisting of a passionate team of health professionals.

Mark Seuring

Sean Pincus

Vinesh Vaghmaria


Physiotherapy improves your physical condition by restoring normal body functions and prevents disability that may arise from disease, trauma or injury.

Your physiotherapist has a thorough understanding of how the body works gained from many years of rigorous academic study and practical experience. Physiotherapy encompasses posture, balance and movement, knowledge of diseases, injury and the healing process.


A podiatrist is a highly trained professional in the care of the foot and ankle. Podiatrists are concerned with the examination, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot ailments by biomechanical, surgical and other treatment methods.

Podiatrists are often called upon by other physicians and health care professionals for consultation and treatment of foot problems, which can be experienced by everyone from children to seniors. After all, you only have one pair of feet to last a lifetime.


Chiropractors are considered expertly qualified providers of spinal adjustment, manipulation and other manual treatments, exercise instruction and patient education.

Chiropractic is a patient-centered and biopsychosocial approach, emphasizing the mind/body relationship in health, the self-healing powers of the individual, and individual responsibility for health and encouraging patient independence.

The Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC) @ Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village

Level 2, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town

Email: / Tel: 021 425 2298